Thursday, January 2, 2020

Five Years Gone

In the wee hours, while my mind and body were still in deep rest, the anniversary since Mom’s final exhale came and passed.  Shouldn’t I feel more sad, more lost, more something? Tasks, duty, distraction have occupied my mind and heart these past five years, the natural going-on of life has happened. But today, I set aside time to remember, to press pause and reflect. She was good, really really good. She was kind, really really kind.  Times when I wanted to drive the 2 hours south to deliver a well deserved throat punch to anyone that disrespected or dishonored her goodness and kindness she responded instead with such grace. You were good and kind and grace-filled to the brim. It matched the purpose you served here on Earth.  But now you are soaking in the never ending streams of Heavenly goodness, worshiping or basking, dancing or laughing, whatever you find yourself doing, I know it’s within pure joy. I can’t be sad for that. Five years later, I still find myself overjoyed that you lived, that you taught, that you loved and finally returned Home.  Thank you for your life, your teaching and your love.  I will do my best to honor you with my own good life, teaching and love.  Dance, Mom.  Laugh, Mom. Worship, Mom. xo

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