Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Another Good Day

I just want you to write, that still small voice whispers.  Write what?  Shouldn’t I tidy up the blogsite?  Polish it for good words? Fingers on keyboard, words begin to flow, mind distracts… setting thoughts aside gently for later so that the softer, quieter words can rise.  Finally still enough to hear the words, they come one by one.  Singular at first, then quicker, primed and ready to flow. Words unhindered race to the top, giddy to reach paper, excited to spill.  No idea what will appear, but sitting ready, open, obedient:

The house sits still… only the gentle tapping of dog paws and key strokes.  Nothing left to do, all morning distractions are completed, here I sit enjoying the first warm breeze of winter. An unusually warm day has landed and my heart is grateful. The dogs wander safely in and out the open deck door, no fear of bees to enter.  Antsy, hard to sit still, I should be more productive, there are other drawers to sort, surely there’s something to dust.  Numbing, deadening, all to distract from hearing that still small voice. So I sit, obedient, slowly tapping the keys, curious what will rise. Should I write of yesterday’s blessings? That’s old stuff…tell me something new. What goodness delighted me in this day?  

A surprise clear sky on a winter day, taking the foster dog for a long walk, seeing her heart fill with trust again, a creamy avocado sandwich with spicy salt sprinkle, tiny flowers bursting their popcorn-like shell to share a new bud, fresh air in the bedroom, floors clean for a split-second, a stark blue jay against grey trunks, a skinny legged heron taking flight, sharing toys with a two-year-old, a confident knowing that every little thing will be alright. 

It’s another good day.